OK, so i just got a wireless printer and am trying to install it in ubuntu (everything works and prints great in windows)

Printer is Samsung ML1865w

i have downloaded the drivers from samsung and let it do its thing (there was an auto-run file which i double clicked and told it to run which it sounded like it was doing something, but there were no user prompts or anything)

when i go to add the printer, it finds it. Actually, it sees 2. If i "search by address" and put the IP in it doesnt seem to do anything different. I can add either of the 2 printers it finds (nope... there is only one printer here) it ads it ok, but it doesnt seem like its actually picking up the wireless printer because the address is listed as "localhost". Also, it does nothing when i hit print (obviously or i wouldn't be here.

I know in windows, i can go into the printer properties and add a new IP port, point it to the correct one and i works, but unless i am missing something there are absolutely NO configuration options in ubuntu for a printer after you add it???