Hi all. Two quick TOR questions.

First, I want to use TOR to download .pdf files or .torrent files (just the .torrent file, not actually use a torrent client to get the substance of the torrent), but when I try, I get this:

An external application is needed to handle:


NOTE: External applications are NOT Tor safe by default and can unmask you!

If this file is untrusted, you should either save it to view while offline or in a VM,
or consider using a transparent Tor proxy like Tails LiveCD or torsocks.

Am I OK? Can I proceed safely and anonymously?

Also, I want to use a web-based email service via TOR so as to have anonymous email capabilities. Gmail worked for a while, but just asked me what city I usually log in from, cause it thought my account was hijacked. Know any web-based email providers that will work with TOR?


edit: "file.pdf" was not the original name.