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    I am active with only the first two games below (the rest seem simliar in nature and I'm looking forward to checking them out). It took me a while to find these and I wanted to share them with whoever may be interested.

    Goal Line Blitz

    "Goal Line Blitz is a web-based American Football MMORPG. We've written a custom football simulation engine to provide you with the ultimate football experience on the web.
    Do you love fantasy football? Ever wished you could play with the pros? Join other football fans from around the world in building the player and team of your dreams, right here."

    "Grid-Iron is an American Football simulation game where you take charge of a small team with only a bunch of local players, start-up finances and basic facilities. Your goal is to bring glory and fame to that club and ultimately win the American Football League of Champions (AFLC). This is not an easy task though, and you will have to do your best in order to utilize your marketing and tactical skills (in competition with many other keen managers around the Globe).
    The game has no ending as such, and it is played in one big Grid-Iron world, so all the results, competition standings, promotion/relegation and other records are passed from one season to another, and all the managers are playing against each other."

    "Welcome to, an American Football Management Simulator, where you will find the fun of managing and coaching your squad from the lowest ranks of league rivalries to the lofty heights of international football glory! You run the team from the front office to the field, all completely for free! Want to have a speedy passing attack or is power rushing more your style? Do you want to control the line of scrimmage or rely on your defense to steal the ball away to win the game? Use your depth chart and playbook to decide how your team makes your gameplan happen. We don't just toss numbers out there and see what happens. We play football!
    What makes different from other football sims out there? We stay true to the American style of football, by featuring drafts, playoffs and a championship that is decided on the field."

    Deep Route

    "GM and Coach a team for FREE! is the most comprehensive, realistic multi-player professional football simulation game available anywhere! Owners can :

    Set your lineups and packages
    Negotiate with free agents
    Draft players to fit your scheme
    Overcome injuries
    Trade with other teams
    Set playbooks and have your team play to your preferences

    ..and a LOT more."


    "An American football coaching simulation where players take the role of head coach and owner of a GFL franchise. They draft rookies, trade stars and build teams to win the Bowl. This is a game where records last - a game with a strong sense of history, with career statistics which ensure that achievements live on. And a game where they matter, with a strong social element supported by online message boards and live events. Although Gridiron boasts more than one league, it is all one game. Gridiron."

    would be interested in hearing any experiences any of you have with these games. I play Goal Line Blitz and regularly and haven't had the time to delve into the others for comparison yet.
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