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Thread: Alpha 1 iso-testing looking good

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    Alpha 1 iso-testing looking good

    The Ubuntu images have one nasty bug:

    So it's getting a rebuild as I type

    The Lubuntu images look really good other than one old minor bug:

    From where I'm sitting this looks like it'll be the best *ubuntu ever

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    Re: Alpha 1 iso-testing looking good

    BTW they redesigned the QA tracker so things look different and some options don't yet work, like changing subscriptions or editing your profile, but it looks good.

    They obviously started the change during Alpha 1 so not too many people would lose their minds

    It's a good change, things just look great!

    Edit: I just thought to add, I complained like crazy quite some time ago about how atrocious some of the proposed changes were to those with "low vision" and I guess they listened.

    I couldn't be much happier.
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    Re: Alpha 1 iso-testing looking good

    Now something's broken on the tracker website and I can't login to update my test results.

    Does anyone know where I should report this?

    Never mind: whatever it was, it's now fixed.
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