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    Ubuntu Game Icons

    A personal project which I decided to share. We have a dozen of Ubuntu Gaming Rigs at work for the kids, so I thought some big flashy icons.

    Ubuntu Game Icons are also great if you're setting up a multimedia/gaming station with Boxee/XMBC etc.

    195 icons all 512x512 pix.
    If you have a wish/request for a game that haven't been added, please let me know and I'll make sure it will be added in the next update.

    Icons in action screenshot

    version 2.0
    84 Ubuntu Game Icons (512x512px)
    - 45 Free/Indie/commercial game icons
    - 36 FOSS game icons
    - 3 other

    Eschalon I + II redone.

    version 1.0
    110 Ubuntu Game Icons (512x512px)
    – 91 Free/Indie/commercial game icons
    – 19 FOSS game icons
    – 1 Bonus icon (Desura)
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    elementary OS Luna
    My Screenshot

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