Hi all, I'm trying to migrate from windows to ubuntu, been happy with this distro so far but can't seem to get my second monitor to work.

The main display is a AOC LE24H067 monitor pluged to a Raedon HD 6800 card and the second monitor is a Hannspree HF229H this one pluged to the HDMI output from my motherboard card, this one is a Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3.

The first monitor works fine, have the propetary drivers in place for the graphics card and Catalyst works fine too, but when I try to setup a dual dysplay I only get the first monitor listed, the interesting thing is that I get the ubuntu loading logo in the second monitor when booting and some text when shutting down the pc. After it boots, display goes to the first monitor and the system doesn't detect the second one.

Wonder if theres a way to configure this manually, thanks in advance.