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Thread: 11.10 on Asus k53v

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    Re: 11.10 on Asus k53v


    I successfully upgraded from Ubuntu 12.04 + bumblebee + nvidia, to ubuntu 12.10. No problems here. Though, I waited for nearly 5 weeks after the Ubuntu 12.10 version launch, before I decided to upgrade. I have no history of re-installations.

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    Question Re: 11.10 on Asus k53v

    After reading the comment of sbnwl i decided to upgrade as well (12.04 to 12.10). In the beginning there were no big problems, mostly due to differences in versions/config.
    Now after a few weeks i'm getting some random errors about (false) GPU lockups...???? The system has no lockups or hangups whatsoever, only the error popup itself.
    I send a report and hope some ubuntu professionals can solve this.
    Now this is what happens when i'm on power supply, on battery only i get less error popups but my backlight is constantly switching from bright to dim mostly random but sometimes seems to respond to keys being pressed....???

    edit (Backlight switching was caused by spontaneous reset (to default) of brightness settings and is now back to normal again)

    This problem started a few days ago, i tried to switch back to previous kernel but with same result. I also tried without compiz but still the same problem exists.
    Maybe this is also caused by the missing Quantal repo?
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