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Thread: Migrate hosted virtual Ubuntu server 8.04 to 10.04 [within 7 days]

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    Question Migrate hosted virtual Ubuntu server 8.04 to 10.04 [within 7 days]

    I need to migrate my healthy 8.04 install to a new machine provided by my hosting company Hosteurope (due to harddisk capacities and better performance on the new product)

    Hosteurope provides a parallel installation for 7 days, so within this timespan I need to migrate the following packages and data (among others) to the new machine:

    • Apache,
    • PHP5,
    • MySQL (including several TYPO3 and Wordpress installations)
    • ProFTP
    • OpenSSL (no signed certificate)
    • Ruby on Rails + Passenger (Redmine installation)
    • Sendmail (No Mailboxes, only for sending mails)

    Ho would you approach this task?

    1. My idea was to upgrade my 8.04 distro to 10.04 first.
    2. Then install all packages that i need on the new machine (using the package list exported by dpkg --get-selection )
    3. Then send all configurations to the new machine with rsync.
    4. Then fiddle around (I am a little bit afraid of messing things up here....)

    Any other strategies, experiences?
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