Well as much as I'm tempted to bemoan all the issues I'm having with 12.04, I suppose that's for another thread...

Let's see. Basically, I have a 1 Tb hard drive, for storage, that is acting just plain weird.

It started with write errors, now it's nearly impossible to access any of the files on the drive. For awhile I could see the files, but when I looked at it last, files were just disappearing left and right.

I tried a few tests. The one thing that stood out was that it was being read as a SCSI.(it's a SATA drive)

Lastly... I was hoping to try just reformatting it, starting over... only gparted couldn't see it. At all.

In summary: it mounts, it reads kinda, but gparted won't let me do anything to it, and SMART can't analyze it.