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Thread: 11.10 image is oversize

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    11.10 image is oversize

    I've searched for this but couldn't find an answer.

    I did an upgrade on the desktop and so far works fine.
    I decided to download a disk for the laptop from:

    the file was supposed to fit on a CD

    but properties:


    raw CD image (application/x-cd-image)

    729.1 MB (729,067,520 bytes)


    I assume these images only fit on DVD.
    I did a checksum and it matched.

    Apart from the 729.1 mb file that I can't burn as no DVD burner, once I got the hang of it everything works perfectly on my desktop. The laptop doesn't have a great deal of power but runs 11.04 but not with Unity desktop. I don't think I have room for more ram.
    O.k I'm behind the times I didn't realize flash cards had got so big.
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