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    Question 2012 vaio z

    I just convinced my boss to order one of these for me! Then I realized how new it was. Has anyone had any experience installing Ubuntu or another Linux variety on the new 2012 Z model? I know the older one consumed a bit more battery than Windows.

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    Re: 2012 vaio z

    I'd love to know how you go.

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    Re: 2012 vaio z

    The SVZ isn't completely compatible with Ubuntu yet...

    Installation requires the Alternate Media CD/DVD instead of the regular one in order to get SATA Raid-0 working.

    When installing, use Ext4 filesystem instead of the newer BTRFS one, as the latter will give you an error message upon every boot.

    Use SATA raid and write down the name of your ssd/partition as for example /dev/mapper/isw_deijgcidbh_Volume0 as you're going to need it for the GRUB setup.

    Make a single partition for Linux (as your harddrive will already have three partitions (boot, windows, recovery) and there's only place for one more primary partition. Have this partition as "/" You won't be running with a swap partition, but you can create a swap-file later if you need SWAP-space. Your computer comes with 4 or 8 gigs of ram, so you probably won't need SWAP anyway...

    So, once installation is complete, you'll notice that the touchpad isn't working correctly. There's no remedy for this problem as of writing this post, however there's a semi-workaround that isn't 100%

    And that is to create the file

    and add the following section to it:
    Section "InputClass" Identifier "Default clickpad buttons" MatchDriver "synaptics" Option "SoftButtonAreas" "50% 6000 70% 5000 0 0 0 0" EndSection

    Also, WWAN doesn't work out-of-box, it is recognized by Ubuntu, but connecting doesn't work.

    So, touchpad is buggy and WWAN doesn't work.

    But this works:

    *FN-keys and shortcuts.
    *Raid 0
    *3D, both Intel and AMD (however, the computer must be booted with the PMD for it to work. Hot-plugging the PMD does not work.
    *Automatic fan control
    *DVD Playback with PMD, but no Blu-ray playback...
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