Hey there fellow members,

I just recently built myself a desktop with a Gigabyte "970A-UD3" motherboard and installed Ubuntu 11.04 with a friends CD-ROM because I don't have my own yet.

I'm looking to do a fresh install from USB stick of the new Ubuntu 11.10. I used the startup disk creator and made one, but alas CANNOT get it to boot. I've tried F12 and manually selecting all the options but it boots straight to my OS. I see that it's accessing the drive and then it goes into the OS boot, no USB boot as selected. Tried changing orders in the BIOS, etc. Nothing. I even made the installation again on the USB drive, still nothing.

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Am I just doing something incorrectly. Maybe I am missing a simple step? Any help would be gladly appreciated.

Thanks tons in advance!