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Thread: Nautilus loses theme. Other apps ok (Screenshot)

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    Nautilus loses theme. Other apps ok (Screenshot)

    This had happened to me before, but I didn't report it cause I thought it was my fault.

    Today, while copying a large file over SMB, Nautilus suddenly redraw with no theme.

    Closing all Nautilus windows / Reopening them makes no effect.

    See screenshot. All windows have the Ambiance theme, except for Nautilus...

    I don't know if it makes any sense to report it now anyway.

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    Re: Nautilus loses theme. Other apps ok (Screenshot)

    I think it happens sometimes when compiz crashes/reloads. Since Nautilus keeps running in the background, it just loses the theming to never get it back. You can generally fix it by killing the Nautilus processes. Like this in a terminal window (or in the command prompt that you can get up with Alt+F2)
    nautilus -q

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    Re: Nautilus loses theme. Other apps ok (Screenshot)

    It looks like gnome-settings-daemon died and your session fallbacks to "stock" settings.

    This happens also in the old natty gtk2 environment and it is due to indicator patches of g-s-d (especially xrandr.patch).
    G-s-d used in gdm is still alive after the desktop is completely loaded and conflicts with g-d-m of the session in use. A catch22 and really hard to fix also for our great Gnome hacker Rodrigo Moya (personally I've spent a lot of hours trying to help him with some testing).

    A couple of days ago seb128 asked if the bug is present also in Oneiric, personally i've never seen in these 6 months.. lightdm is employing indicators so it could potentially lead to this problem.

    If you want to report it I suggest you to use this bug report.

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    Re: Nautilus loses theme. Other apps ok (Screenshot)

    Same thing had me scratching my head too. Thanks for the tip to restart Nautilus...


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