Baaad ideas, continued.

I've decided to try and intruduce a workaround for performance issues, namely - turn off the Vsync in compiz. I have installed CCSM, run it, and, to my sheer amazement, whole Unity interface dissappeared. Rebooting, reinstalling unity and ubuntu-desktop didn't help. Turns out there's a bug in compiz doing just that - segfaulting unity. :/ Luckily, switching to Ubuntu 2D and turning on Unity plugin in compiz helped.

Now, I have no "AMD unsupported hardware" logo and the Unity runs great - everything is smooth as silk, transparency everywhere, I'm expecting pink unicorns to pop out any minute.

I have run fgl_glxgears and framerate is even worse than before. :O Strange, given the fact that the interface runs great. I do not expect to play any 3D games anytime soon, so I guess I'll stick to the current state of affairs.