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I see... New test:

sudo service lightdm stop
sudo gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz
sudo gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-1
sudo gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compizconfig-1
sudo unity --reset
sudo service lightdm start


I tried the above mentioned things (with the gconf and unity parts run both with and without sudo) but still the same result.

The difference being that when running "sudo unity --reset" I now get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/unity", line 213, in <module>
    reset_unity_compiz_profile ()
  File "/usr/bin/unity", line 84, in reset_unity_compiz_profile
    except (GError, AttributeError), e:
NameError: global name 'GError' is not defined
and no segfault.

Maybe I can try to reinstall those packages again now?

By the way: thanks for trying to help me! Really appreciate it!