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Thread: Mythbuntu-diskless on 11.10 beta 2 not working

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    Mythbuntu-diskless on 11.10 beta 2 not working

    I'm fairly familiar w/ PXE-based netbooting, but stuck here...

    1. I followed the instructions here:
    2. I am stuck at the attempted mount of the nbd device at '/'
    3. PXE booting is fine, pxelinux default config is loaded, but then connection is noted as 'refused' for the nbd service
    4. I verified nbd works fine by running nbd-client at another workstation and mounting the device
    5. I believe the issue is due to pxelinux default config pointing to nbd_name, but defaulting to DHCP server for the server IP
    6. I am not sure what variable in pxelinux default config to set for server IP

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    Re: Mythbuntu-diskless on 11.10 beta 2 not working

    Did you get this working? I think I have run into the same issue.

    Have been using mythbuntu diskless for several years, but this one has me stumped. I think ltsp might have changed.

    When I remove quiet and splash from the pxlinux.cfg/default file, I get a steady stream of errors reporting the nbd magic number

    [ 5.073687] nbd0: Wrong magic (0x25609513)
    [ 5.269567] SQUASHFS error: squashfs_read_data failed to read block 0x0
    [ 5.270057] SQUASHFS error: unable to read squashfs_super_block
    mount: mounting /dev/nbd0 on /rofs failed: Input/output error

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    Re: Mythbuntu-diskless on 11.10 beta 2 not working

    I was able to resolve the issue by rebuilding my i386 image.
    sudo rm /opt/ltsp/i386
    sudo ltsp-build-client or sudo ltsp-build-client --arch -i386 (if running on a 64bit server)
    /etc/init.d/nbd-server restart


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