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Thread: Underpowered wifi when running on battery (EEEpc 901a)

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    Question Underpowered wifi when running on battery (EEEpc 901a)

    Has ubuntu, since 10.10, enabled power management settings for wireless cards? For mine, I think it's saving power to aggressively, as when I connect to a wireless network on battery, I cannot reliably connect from 30 or so feet away in a not-too-dense location. On power, there are no problems, and the best way to fix this problem (without fixing it) is to connect to power.

    It started happening with 10.10, and happens regardless of flavor (ubuntu or xubuntu)

    I have an EEEpc 901a (the black one). The wireless card is a Ralink RT2860 (or that could be the chipset, I'm not too sure)

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Underpowered wifi when running on battery (EEEpc 901a)

    I'm having a similar problem but with pingeee os, which is based on Ubuntu. Whenever I run on battery I get constantly disconnected, I simply can't wifi when in battery mode. Does anyone know if it is possible to tweak the voltage for the wifi somehow?

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