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    Question Iso file compression


    I have ended up downloading so many .iso files of various distros and I'm starting to run out of space on my 120 GB hard disk.

    I was wondering if I could compress these .iso files to save some space. The questions I have are

    1. Reading about this on other pages, many people say that .iso files are already very compressed themselves and so it's not possible to compress them anymore. Is this true? If it is, there are no more questions.

    2. If one can indeed compress .iso files, what format offers the best balance between compressed size and the time taken to compress and decompress (with more emphasis on the degree of compression although I don't want to be spending hours compressing a 700 MB file to say 550 MB). In that format, to what percentage of the original size (approximately) can one expect the files be compressed to.

    3. I also want to know if compression and decompression can damage the files themselves. This is important because most of these images are those of Operating Systems.

    Thank you.
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