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Thread: Missing module config

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    Missing module config

    Dear all,

    I'm right now trying to prepare for the LPIC exams, both for having a better unsderstanding of Linux, in general, and Ubuntu, in particular, and for obtaining a certification many companies are requiring in order to filter parachutists out

    At first, I thought the tutorials (I'm using those of IBM's developerWorks) for exam 101 would be quite easy and that I would have no problems following them. BIg error: when talking about kernel modules and the way to investigate and / or configure them, the tutorial refers to both what used to be done in kernel releases 2.4 and before, on the one hand, and in kernels 2.6 and beyond.

    I am currently using XUbuntu 11.04, 64 bits. The tutorial mentions "/etc/modules.conf" or "/etc/modprobe.conf", depending on what kernel your distro uses. I can't find either of them.

    Of course, I can keep reading and, mos probably, i won't hurt but I'd like to follow the tutorials as close as possible.

    Any hint?
    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Re: Missing module config

    Dear all,

    On top of not being able to find the module config files in /etc, I can't find the expected /proc/bus/usb directory branch, even if I do have several USB devices attached to the system.

    I was pretty sure the system was recognizing them, but I used lsusb to check my system data on the USB devices and the information was there!

    These lines are just to show I am eager to do my homeworks.

    Kind regards,

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