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Thread: Ubuntu one on android won't login

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    Ubuntu one on android won't login

    Hi there,

    I have some problems regarding the usage of ubuntu one on my Samsung Galaxy S2 which is running Android. I got the app from Android Market.

    The following happens:

    I have to sign-in, which i did, with my credentials and after starting the app it is trying to connect. I do not know if it got a connection (i used WiFi) however i got an error. The error i got was: error:null and does nothing after that.

    When i check the settings it says under username: unknown.

    I did the following steps to solve this:

    - reinstall the app
    - in the ubuntu one account ( try to add or remove my smartphone.
    - remove credentials and add them again.
    - Check password and login name
    - search google for an answer
    - search this forum for an answer

    Also if I try to create an new account i get an error on the website: Invalid OpenID transaction

    Any information about my smartphone:

    Model: GT-I9100 (samsung galaxy S2, NOT ROOTED)
    Android version: 2.3.3
    Ubuntu one version: 1.0.3

    How do i solve this? I filed a report already via e-mail.

    Kind regards,

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