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Thread: LXDE, strange artifact when opening lxterminal

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    LXDE, strange artifact when opening lxterminal

    I'm not sure when it started, but I've been having a problem for quite some time now that, whenever I launch lxterminal or open a new tab in lxterminal, the upper 1/4 of my screen goes black. It can be fixed by moving a program over it (whether by maximizing and then minimizing it, or just tugging it around) or by doing a dragging highlight on the desktop itself.

    It's pretty clearly something about the graphics drivers IMO, but I'm not sure what. If I open Gnome Terminal in LXDE, the artifact doesn't occur. It's only with lxterminal.

    I'm using Nvidia-current drivers (270.41.06), and a GeForce 6200 card. Ubuntu 11.04.

    To quickly show what I'm talking about, this is a picture of the desktop as it normally is:

    And this is what it looks like when I open lxterminal (the blue sections aren't there; I just did that for privacy reasons):

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    Re: LXDE, strange artifact when opening lxterminal

    Have you installed LXDE (sudo apt-get install lxde) on Ubuntu 11.04?
    Try to install "Lubuntu-desktop" and see if that makes any difference?!


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