Hello everyone,

I've installed some updates yesterday and now once in a while my keyboard starts behaving strangely. It's a little bit difficult to explain. When I press a key, an associated event is not registered. However if I keep it pressed long enough it will go into "repetition mode" and than the events are registered. So for example when I have a focus on an edit box, when I press an "A" key, it will not write anything initially, however after a second or so, there will be "a" characters appearing one after another, just as it should.

Restarting Gnome 3 with "Alt+F2" and 'r' doesn't help. Restarting whole gdm through "/etc/init.d/gdm restart" fixes the issue temporarily (until it happens again).

This makes my laptop totally unusable.

I use Gnome 3 on Ubuntu Natty.

What I'd like to do is to:

a) downgrade all the packages that I've installed (I can see the list in my Software Center). Possibly one-by-one to find out what is causing the issue. How would you go about this?
b) file some kind of a bug report, however I don't really know to whom should I file it and what to include. I'd be glad for any kind of instruction.

Unfortunately the issue seems to be not very googleable and quite recent.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.