I made the posts in a thread I started after my original question was answered. I didn't think it would be a big deal. Apparently somebody else did.

Not editing my profile doesn't make it harder. I think the problem will be wading through extra search results because people will be making more posts.

I have only been playing with Linux about two years. I have an old PC that can't even run Compiz properly let alone Unity. I don't use a lot of common software that most people do. have no idea how to even set up wireless networking or Bluetooth. Do you really want people like me that don't necessarily know what the hell they are doing when it comes to Ubuntu answering questions?

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By your own admission you made useless posts, how does that help in a support community ?

This method is working against spam so i am for it.

How does not editing your profile make it harder for you to find an answer ?

The ability to insert links in posts is important support feature, the ability to do it is prevented in less than 50 posts to help support the spam feature however.

Why not make some "useful" posts and actually help out and that way you wont be a newbie getting picked on then will you