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Thread: Unity Autohide

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    Re: Unity Autohide

    I think I figured it out. Unity panel is "dodging" an "invisible" active window here. You minimize / restore a window (I'm doing it to Thunderbird) a couple of times until it gets invisible (if you right click the desktop you see Thunderbird options and not nautilus options). At this point, the Unity panel won't come out anymore.

    My workaround was to go to ccsm and deactivate the dodge behavior in Unity Plugin (set to always show panel).

    There are many bug reports for the "invisible window" problem, so I won't report it again, don't think its necessary.


    EDIT: I am not sure, but I think Unity panel is behaving more stable when I kill Conky.

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    Re: Unity Autohide

    Quote Originally Posted by makitso View Post
    I tried to use Unity / Auto hide with AWN. The problem is that whenever you launch an app from AWN or move a folder anywhere on the desktop, Unity pops half way out. I have tried to prevent Unity from doing this but no luck to this point.
    The launcher reveal on cursor grab & move on a file cannot be disabled, it's a non-optional feature

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