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Thread: muse score and muse

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    muse score and muse

    if you have not noticed, this is my ubuntu master thesis....
    check it out and share it with your friends =)

    first get some goodies with synaptic
    alt + f2
    gksu synaptic
    enter password,then search for and install;

    (these are all great packages check them out!)

    im going to install some sound fonts and play a bit with qjack ctrol and qsynth.

    alt + f2
    run "qjackctl" with out the "" marks
    start your jack server, resolve any starting jack issues.
    alt + f2 again
    "musescore" with out "" marks
    in musescore tick both the boxes for jack.

    so far musescore is REALLY COOL @ playing midi files and showing complete sheet music =D;attach=984

    i nabbed the entertainer and maple leaf rags to test it out from this site

    and tons of 1800s piano roll scans for yer pirate music....

    im also going to include an m audio midi controller to send signals to play notes. its 49 key transposes has volume mod wheel pitch bend and midi channel selector button. usb powered through usb, sustain pedal.

    solfedge is a good program to ear train with.

    lingot is a good program to tune guitars and pianos with, you can use microphones with it.

    im also going to spam my system with rose garden and lily pond to see what they do. looks handy cough for 32 bit dinosaurs

    got fmit jaaa and japa from synaptic to check out

    amsynth is pretty neat! i suggest it to everyone with a midi piano!

    mx44 is pretty calculator synth style also.

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    curiosity killed the process, but thats ok because i'm god.


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