I have version 10.10 of Ubuntu, using Evolution 2.30 and evolution-mapi 0.30.3. The server is Exchange 2007.

Everything I need seems to be working EXCEPT for long messages. I get text-only logwatch and crontab-run reports every morning. I have found if they are over a certain amount (the limit I have not determined), they have no body. They show up in my mailbox the right size (like 104k), but they do not display.

They display in Outlook and OWA just fine. So I am sure Exchange is sending them correctly, and the size in the mailbox is correct, like I have one for 104k and 166k, but the body shows up as empty.

What tools do I have to troubleshoot this? I have been searching the web for "truncate" "evolution" "exchange-mapi" but all the problems seem to be unrelated to mine.