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Thread: Checklist for UMTS problems

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    Exclamation Checklist for UMTS problems

    Some users may have trouble in setting up an UMTS connection. This is a checklist for the most common problems that occur.


    From the Ubuntu version 10.10 on the UMTS support is significantly improved.

    SIM card:

    • Disable PIN code request (in the mobile phone / with WIN-software or umtsmon), this is often helpful
    • Stick Sim-/Netlock free (after a change of provider)
    • enter PUK (This is the 8-digit code to unlock the SIM card if the PIN is entered incorrectly multiple times)
    • SIM card is inserted correctly (or dirty)? (For those who groan at this point. It can easily happen, happens, and no one needs to be embarrassed!)
    • sufficient Funds are available (may be consumed quickly by using the wrong APN)


    • Check whether the correct APN is used
    • Always enter at number * 99 # and never the mobile phone number (I dont know if 99 is country specific )
    • Check: → Users and Groups → Select "Advanced Settings" → User Rights → a checkmark in both entries, in which the word "modem" is included, then login once again for the changes to take effect (manual applies to gnome2-desktop apply to other graphical interfaces corresponding to the suppliers).
    • disable Parallel WLAN / LAN connection
    • Use alternative dialer programs (from version 10.10 not really necessary anymore.) Umtsmon / Vodafone Mobile Connect (BMC as successor) / ixconn / sakis3g / wvdial / Ubuntu Kubuntu-NWM
    • If modem is not detected or is in disk mode: install "USB-modeswitch"
    • Check whether the package modemmanager is installed (e.g. Lubuntu lacks this package in its default installation)
    • In some models which are set in the disk mode it is automatically switched to modem mode when drive / virtual CD is removed (right click, remove the drive safely).
    • All (kernel) updates installed?
    • Does Stick / modem work in Windows?
    • Browser in offline mode?
    • Check whether "Enable Mobile Broadband" is set (click on the icon in the panel)
    • Network Manager: Manually set the nameserver settings in the network manager
    • In certain cases it may happen that in network (under the APN) or the "Mobile Network Code" must be specified. Overview here:
    • Connections may be required. try different USB ports (if posible: for Notebooks try CardBus USB) to avoid any long USB extensions, possibly using Y-cable. By using Y-cable or CardBus the sticks get a better power supply. Same effect is achieved by connecting to a powered hub (with power adapter).
    • In poor connections, it may be useful to chose the transmission rate (3G/2G). In Gnome network manager (Ubuntu until 10.10. Possible) klick "Type" button (default "Any") and choose accordingly. Likewise, in alternative dial-in programs and in the K-Network Manager (Kubuntu)
    • Disable firewall if installed

    You can check by

    if the modem mode is active and if the driver is shown.

    This checklist was Google-translated and corrected from the best of my knowledge from this one without warranty
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    Re: Checklist for UMTS problems

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