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Thread: Std Ubuntu 11.04 vs Asus 1011px Revision

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    Std Ubuntu 11.04 vs Asus 1011px Revision

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the std Ubuntu 11.04 release and the revision for the 1011px, the reason I'm asking is because I have just installed the std release on my 1011px when maybe I should have installed th platform specific release?

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    Re: Std Ubuntu 11.04 vs Asus 1011px Revision

    I think the Asus special version is only available pre installed. I have done the same as you and have no issues with 11.04 Unity (3D)... Except perhaps that I thought the 1011PX had 2 speakers - mine seems to have just a left speaker (same in win7) and has no bluetooth that I can find (again same in win7).

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