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Thread: Ubuntu issues with ASUS N53S (USB 3.0, NVidia card)

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    Re: Ubuntu issues with ASUS N53S (USB 3.0, NVidia card)

    just blacklist as described previously and all your graphics issues should be solved.

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    Re: Ubuntu issues with ASUS N53S (USB 3.0, NVidia card)

    Quote Originally Posted by lancest View Post
    Thanks to all who gave info in this thread.
    It worked on my new N53SN.
    Immediate temperature drop (I was using Windows because of this)
    Battery life 1-3 hours increase.
    My N53SV with GeForce GT540M is generating way too much heat. I'm really curious of what what you did to cause the temperature drop, because the described steps in the readme file are not working for me. Could you please describe more clearly how you managed to drop the temperature, or give me some advise of what I did wrong?

    I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 and this is what I did:
    - I installed Bumblebee (
    - Added myself to the bumblebee user group, then rebooted
    - I installed acpi-call-tools
    - edited the bumblebee.conf file
    - created 'cardon' and 'cardoff' files in /etc/bumblebee
    - added \_SB.PCI0.PEG0.GFX0.DOFF to the cardoff file (source: this page)
    - couldn't find what to add to the cardon file, so left it empty
    - after reboot, Gnome 3 didn't start, so I uninstalled bumblebee and removed cardon and cardoff.

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    Re: Ubuntu issues with ASUS N53S (USB 3.0, NVidia card)

    Hello guys, thanks for all the useful information.
    Unfortunately I still have my laptop stuck the first 2-3 times I switch it on or as I reboot. Some strange effects are shown on the screen and the laptop is blocked.
    I have an Asus N53SN running with Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit and I have Bumblebee 3.0-1 installed. I also added the blacklist as you suggested before in this forum.
    Could you please help me? I'm a novice with Ubuntu, but I like it everyday more... so I'll try to understand your advices

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