I'm wondering how the folder got created. You see, at least up to and including 10.10, there is a default udev rule for "unknown" USB devices such that they are owned by root - thus causing a need to run applications that use the device as su. Doing so can result in this problem if the application creates a folder.

I ran into this myself with some non-standard USB cameras and the app that accessed them created a folder for that sessions photos. Since the device was being owned by root, I could run the app via sudo ..... This kept the folder in my directory tree, however since it was su and the device was owned by root the folder was created with root owner, etc.. The way around this was to add a special udev rule where the particular USB manufacturer and product id's so that the devices where rw access to everyone in a group (you could just make it everything to the world as well).

So, do you know how the folder got created within your home tree?