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Thread: Xubutu edit right click mouse launcher

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    Xubutu edit right click mouse launcher

    How i can edit the menu that appear in xubuntu- when i do a right click on xubuntu workspace appear a menu with some launchers, i need know how i can edit him and where.


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    Re: Xubutu edit right click mouse launcher

    I use the XFCE 4.10 session and the settings editor has an entry for the context/xfce 4 desktop menu , but I see no way to edit it. Xubuntu may differ. You may want to check home > hidden folders .config folder.
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    Re: Xubutu edit right click mouse launcher

    The right-click context menu is hard coded and cannot be edited without altering the source code. See post #3 here.

    However, the main menu displayed at the bottom of the right-click menu can be edited (if you've disabled icons on the desktop, you'll only see the main menu on right click). To do so, right-click the Menu panel item in the top left corner (the default location), select "Properties" and Edit Menu. Again, this will only edit the main applications menu, not the right-click context menu.

    You can however, add items to this menu by creating Thunar Custom Actions. See here and here.


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