Hi peeps!

So I found banshee and decided to try and manage my old music library for real.

Many of my imported CDs are really old so they have little to no meta-data connected to them.
I found the last.fm fingerprinting addon and it seemed like it was the right thing. However I have some problems.

Every time I try to use the fingerprinting I need to login to last.fm so for an album of 17 tracks I need to login about 17 times.
Connected to this is the problem that banshee doesn't seem to always write the new data to the file. I have checked that I allow it to write meta-data to file and change names of files. But sometimes it doesn't seem to stick.
Is this how it is suppose to work? If not, how could i fix it?

I haven't found any threads or pages that describe this problem. But I would assume this would be a problem for those with previously unmanaged audio tracks.

On a side note. I would like to convert my mp3 and other formats to ogg or similar free format. What would you recommend for this? Can banshee do this?
I haven't searched for this yet but I thought I'd ask anyway. Is there some nice app that can do this for a whole library or similar?