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Thread: OSX Lion

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    Re: OSX Lion

    I see that proprietary centralized package management and distribution is off to a swell start!

    "Paypal users mistakenly charged as much as $4000 for Mac OSX Lion"

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    Re: OSX Lion

    Apple lost me as a customer back when they refused support for Blu-Ray. Now, it seems they are going to be "pioneers" and lead the way in optical drive obsolescence.

    Not sure if I agree with their decisions or not. They are nothing if not innovative but, I personally am not ready for this much change this soon. Plus, I loathe the fact that I can't make changes to my user interface on Apple; part of the reason I starting loving Linux so much.

    The only Mac I have left is an rapidly aging PowerBook G4 that is only able to run Leopard. No Snow Leopard, no latest version of Flash, no latest version of Firefox or Thunderbird. No support from anyone for the PowerPC platform. Oh, wait. There is a Debian PPC version but still, flash?

    Anyhow, Lion to me seems a little "Mobile OS." Seems this is the way things are to be going. Ubuntu has gone this way with Unity as have platforms running Default Gnome 3. (Fedora). Windows 8 appears to be following suit as well.

    I dunno. I don't want a mobile OS on my desktop. I know I don't like it but, what is one to do? Evolve and adapt or die I guess.
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    Re: OSX Lion

    As I've said in a different topic, I think the current MacBook Air is forcing people to pay extra to get a MacBook Pro. In order to get a decent size screen and CD drive, you need to pay at least 250 dollars more than the entry level laptop. The MacBook Air 11" is a downgrade from the previous entry level MacBook.

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