hi folks,

I'm currently doing a bunch of work on windows xp need to resize a ntfs partition (make it bigger). the problem is that it's wedged between the beginning of the disk and my swap partition.

so, i figure i can boot up with something like knoppix (i think it doesn't use a swap) or backtrack in forensic mode and then use gparted to move my swap partition into the space next to it (it isn't next to my root filesystem, so that should be ok).

however, I remember reading (in a post that i can't seem to find now) that if you move a swap partition your main filesystem will no longer be able to use it (as i guess memory references and offsets etc will all be wrong, although presumably all it needs to know is where the swap partition is). so, is this true, and if so how can the swap be re-associated?
so, any thoughts? i'm guessing that there's a ID or reference that needs to be changed somewhere, though i don't know what it is.

this isn't particularly urgent, though i do want to figure out how to do it, thanks for any help.