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Thread: spdif audio out

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    spdif audio out


    I recently upgraded/migrated from mythdora 10.21 to mythbuntu 11.04. My system has two backend/frontends and two frontend onlies. I was able to get everything working relatively painlessly (thinks to everyone who contributes to mythbuntu) with one exception.

    On my secondary backend/frontend I am unable to get audio out of my spdif port. My stereo detects a digital connection, but I get no audio. I have tried all of the output devices that are auto-detected and non work. I have tried unmuting the spdif output in alsamixer and that didn't help.

    Any tips on where to get started? I have an nvidia chipset/soundcard.

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    Re: spdif audio out

    I was able to get it working, details here for anyone needing the solution.

    Mostly I'll credit Matt from this post

    I uninstalled alsa: sudo apt-get remove alsa
    I reinstalled alsa: sudo apt-get install alsa

    Next I started playing a test .mp3 with vlc while I went into alsamixer to unmute the spdif output. The next part is strange, but I recall having to do the same thing with Fedora some time ago. I re-muted spdif and it started playing!

    After confirming that sound works with VLC, I set mythtv to use alsa:spdif as its output, enabled both digital passthrough options, and turned off the internal mixer.

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