Hello All!,

After a rather tiring crusade to get my friend to switch to UBUNTU from illegit W7, I finally prevailed and Ubuntu 10.04 ( Since I find it the Nicest) was installed in my friends Notebook :- ASUS X42J with an ATI Radeon HD6740M 1Gb graphics adapter. Everything works fine and my friend ( a determined noob by choice) seems to be very satisfied with the pretty and hassle free OS. All initial updates via the update manager have been installed.

Just one problem I've been unable to resolve even after scouring the net with a bucket load of apparent solutions that didn't seem to work or were too technical for me.

The resolution is stuck at 1024x768 at 0Hz Refresh Rate. I know the Notebook display used to be optimal at 1366x768.... I've cautiously tried several terminal based 'solutions' like xrandr etc... but refrained from doing anything too deep since I'm also a relatively new Ubuntu convert. .... all measures seem to be of no consequence, Quite simply the monitor is not detected.

I'd appreciate any help and advice in fixing this glitch, preferably in very plain layman language
I kind of like the idea of keeping a new convert from straying again...

Many Thanks,