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Thread: open windows's sticky notes file

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    open windows's sticky notes file

    Hello people,

    I'm running dual-boot, however my Win 7 system has crashed and burned. Might need to re-install it. The problem is that I've got some information saved in Windows's "Sticky Notes" that I need to save. After locating Sticky Notes' savefile I've tried to open it with some Ubuntu programs (including text editor) but no luck so far. Is there a program for Ubuntu that would open .snt files?

    Thx in advance,

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    Re: open windows's sticky notes file

    Hi and welcome to the forums

    You could try with vim perhaps?

    It is available in the Ubuntu Software Center.

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    Re: open windows's sticky notes file

    "The file formats and .snt extension were invented for this program. To my knowledge, no other program reads .snt files."

    Install a VirtualBox or VMWare Windows Guest OS and then copy\restore a copy to the location.

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