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Thread: Evolution: Recieved attachments -- how do i open/save them?

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    Question Evolution: Recieved attachments -- how do i open/save them?


    Sorry for this silly question but.. from all my years as an linux user i actually almost never used the Desktop part (i only worked with Linux Servers)

    Now i setup Exchange 2010 mail using exchange mapi (+ applied and build the bugfix deb)

    Everything works fine as far as i can see (the sync can be bit better tho as it's not live sync anymore it checks every x minutes)

    now to get to my question:
    In the main window i can see inbox --> Mail sender , Subject, and the Attachment paperclip.
    In the email it self i can see text, images etc etc fine.

    However i'm missing an attachment??
    i looked all over the place.. but i can not find the attachment or open it for that matter.
    In the email there's the sender, subject, message

    but.. where do i open the attachments? i got loads of PDF documents in the mails.. i can see evolution knows it has attachments.. but.. i can't seem to find any location to open or save them..

    Am i simply overlooking something here?


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    Re: Evolution: Recieved attachments -- how do i open/save them?

    In my version of evolution in Lucid Lynx, there is a Save button in the header of any message with an attachment, see screenshot. As far as I know it is the same in all versions, but to be honest I never normally use evolution so am not totally sure.
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    Re: Evolution: Recieved attachments -- how do i open/save them?

    Yeah.. i do expect to see that too.. but there's nothing.. i attached a screenshot to show what i see (or in this case actually do not see)

    The email you see shows a paper clip (and should display an .pdf attachment. but it's missing)
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