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Thread: Error Code = 1001

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    Cool Error Code = 1001

    I install UBUNTU 1104 on HP Desktop PC, but now it doesnt start. Just appears a Black screen with this msg: Error Code = 1001.

    I want reinstall but PC is not reading CD, But the CD drive is working.

    I install UBUNTU 11 in other 6 PCs, and work fine.

    PC inf.: HP Compaq dc5800 Small Form Factor

    I never install Windows on this PC. The original OS was UBUNTU 9.04 and updates.
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    Re: Error Code = 1001

    If it can't read the CD Drive how do you know that the drive is working? It sounds to me like a hardware problem. Either the motherboard/processor is fried, or the hard drive is corrupt and the cd drive isn't working. Either way there isn't much that can be done if you can't get the computer to run the install CD.

    Can you access the bios at all?
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    Angry Re: Error Code = 1001

    Thanks to answer..
    So.. yeah, u r right....
    i can acces BIOS,,, so what i have to do?
    am.. The Pc cant read USB, external CD drive, HDD, but they sound like working..

    F1 Pleaseee!!!!!1

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