A little background:

Ubuntu (11.04) server
Multiple windows PCs (XP/Vista)
Access to terminal on server through putty
Webmin installed and functioning properly
Samba/Winbind installed
gnome-core installed and accessed through vncviewer

This server box is used as a home file server, and is almost completely functional except for a windows/samba/winbind compatability error.

Ok, so I have been trying to use other posts and am still unable to solve this issue for the last couple weeks, to no avail.

When the server is NOT connected to the network, all windows boxes are visible in the network, but when the Linux box is added (powered on), the server is accessible for a short period of time, and allows read/write. Then, after a few minutes, ALL of the boxes disappear, the network map is empty, except for a windows media share. I know the Linux box is causing the conflict but have been unable to determine exactly how to remedy the issue.

Also, strangely, I can access the server through the shortcut i created on the desktop, and it still functions correctly (allows read/write).

I am by no means a Linux pro, but I have been working toward a better understanding, as I am extremely familiar with the windows environment, but want to transition to Linux as my primary OS.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.