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    Re: HOWTO: VinDSL Conky Script

    Quote Originally Posted by paramvir View Post
    The local stations are not producing data all the time. The next version of conkywx checks this and informs the user and also uses the main data only if such a condition exists.
    So are you saying that it's to be expected that I am getting N/A for the forecast sometimes?

    Quote Originally Posted by paramvir View Post
    Even though the stations nearby are geographically not that far - surrounding islands change the winds considerably - rest of the data will be more or less the same.

    Let me know if this sorts the issue.
    Yeah isn't it crazy how island to island can make such a huge difference? Even on opposite sides of the island I can experience a 5-10 degree weather change depending on which side you are on!

    That being said, it looks like my temperatures, sunrises, etc... are all coming through properly but still getting N/A for the forecast and nothing for the CoR. If this is what you were referring to in the previous quoted section, then no worries, I'll end up just nixing the section. Also I know have !6 in the conditions but I haven't begun investigating what is causing that.

    Looking at my attached wund-debug.log it looks like it's not pulling over the D1-D8 information.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to help me with this as well as the time you put in on the project.
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