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Thread: Ubuntu Unity: Ultimate UX FAIL

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    Ubuntu Unity: Ultimate UX FAIL

    So I've been using Ubuntu as a secondary personal desktop for a few years now, and have become pretty familiar and comfortable with it. That's why I chose to install it from a 10.10 x64 CD I had laying around when I assembled my new computer.

    But then I made the mistake of upgrading to 11. Wow.

    I now have no idea where ANYTHING is. There is no logical menu to find stuff. I can't find the Software Center, heck I can't even minimize Firefox. Nothing makes sense here. The window management reminds me suspiciously of Mac (I am not a Mac user), wherein what I'm used to as being the "task tray" is hijacked by the current app.

    I know people will tell me that I just need to get used to Unity. But THATS THE PROBLEM -- I shouldn't have to get "used" to an entirely new interface. I shouldn't feel so completely helpless and unproductive the moment I install the latest version.

    In fact, that has never been in the case with any version of Ubuntu I've ever tried, including my first experience. Ubuntu has always been completely intuitive to me, even when I was a total linux newb coming over from Windows. That's why I stuck with Ubuntu, which is probably true of many, many Ubuntu fans. Familiarity was the key.

    Yet now everything is very, very UNFAMILIAR. And now I feel stupid, which is a feeling I rarely experience and don't particularly like. And WORST of all, its not that familiar, Linuxy "I feel stupid because this is hard stuff and I can't wait to learn it" stupid -- its a "you've made everything Fischer-Price and Pretty-like to attract Dumb People and yet it's completely User Unfriendly" Stupid.

    Is that it Ubuntu? Is that your plan Mr. Shuttleworth? Is this a practical joke designed to make us all feel like morons? If so, I hope the gig's up soon.

    Otherwise, I'm headed to Linux Mint and I'm never, ever looking back.

    Just as soon as I can find the darn Software Center to install an ISO Burner tool. AAARRGH.

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    Re: Ubuntu Unity: Ultimate UX FAIL

    Have you considered simply choosing Classic from the login screen to get the DE you prefer?


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