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Thread: ASUS Computers Ubuntu works well on.

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    Re: ASUS Computers Ubuntu works well on.

    You're going to have to forgive me in advance for this question, because I'm very new to Ubuntu, and new OS in general, but if my Asus 1018p worked perfectly with 11.04, can I expect it to work well with 11.10 too?

    Edit- 11.10 works fine with my Asus 1018p. It's a little slower than the 11.04, but I'm trying to fix that now.
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    Talking Re: ASUS Computers Ubuntu works well on.

    Asus N53SV-S1830X Intel Core i7 - 2670QM 2.2GHz, 8GB RAM 750GB
    Intel HD3000 Graphics Card + NVidia GeForce 540M CUDA 1GB

    Ubuntu 11.10 is super on this laptop, i got the laptop last week and it was coincidence that ubuntu released 11.10. The first thing i did is replace the "Other OS" and put ubuntu on everything worked super except for the following:

    • hibernate & suspend
    • minor graphic glitch but its fine wen i reboot.
    • Nvidia graphic card drivers didn't work after installing them, therefore i had install bumblebee, have a look at this thread here...
    • Headphone jack not working - built in speaker works fine but when i plugin headphones there's no sound

    =D> big ups to all working on ubuntu 11.10 is sooooo much better, it so much smoother. I'm not sure if its this laptop but the combination is awesome. also looks great unity working so well, way better than 11.04. On my Toshiba i had some issues with displaying Natty 11.04 even tho it had good graphic card still had some issues. anyway just need to get Nvidia Graphics card working well then all is good.
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    Re: ASUS Computers Ubuntu works well on.

    man it also works for my K 43 E
    accept that kind of minor that wouldn't suspend after I closed the screen

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    Re: ASUS Computers Ubuntu works well on.

    Quote Originally Posted by NX Hades View Post
    Desktop using asus m4a78t-e mobo, unlocked quadcore phenomII x 3 720 (stable, runs prime95 like boss), ati radeon hd 4870 1 gig, four gigs of mushkin ram, one terabyte seagate, standard dvd/cd

    Desktop peripherals: type m (1994), decent/cheap logitech speakers and subwoofer, decent asus led monitor *(buying an led unit supporting 1080p soon).

    Everything supported, works nice under ubuntu 10.10. Proprietary drivers do not work very well.

    Asus 1215t "netbook": running ubuntu 10.10, ati 4200 *(?) gpu supported nicely, no problems with Nile platform.

    AFAIK, ati radeon 4xxx series are supported pretty well out of the box (which wasn't the case roughly two years ago). I don't think ati 6xxx series are quite as well. Any news on 5xxx series?

    The 5670 Radeon HD works and there are all green yes for unity support.

    By the way I am running on an Asus M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 and the only 3 things I have had trouble with is the core unlocker and the AMD X4 640 Athlon II 3.0 GHz, the Sata ports for my DVD-RAM drives they keep switching sr0 and sr1 when I use sound-juicer, and my Apple Keyboard does not enable hotkeys by default.

    my specs
    AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0 GHz Processor
    8 GB Kingston RAM
    750 GB HDD that is getting full fast especially the / partition
    Saphire Raedon HD 5670 Video Card
    2 DVD-RAM drives
    5 SATA internal 1 SATA external
    1 Firewire port
    2 USB 3.0
    4 USB 2.0
    2 Front USB 1.1
    500W PSU
    Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000
    Up to 7.1 DD Surround sound
    Acer H203H LCD Monitor
    1 USB Optical Mouse
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    If Ubuntu had 31 flavors then we could call it Baskin' Ubuntu.

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    Re: ASUS Computers Ubuntu works well on.

    Works great on my g53sx-a1 with minor tweaks
    Crackers don't matter!
    Asus G53SX-A1 with Ubuntu

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    Re: ASUS Computers Ubuntu works well on.

    No significant problems what-so-ever with Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10 on my Asus 1215N netbook. The only issue was I had to update bios from Asus before I could boot with 8GB ram.

    Hibernate does not hibernate but just shuts down the machine.

    Fn keys all work (Screen dimming, volume, etc). Sleep works. All ACPI power functions work. Battery estimates are accurate at ~4 hours. Machine specs report 7hrs so I am thinking I have to tweak the dual video cards with bumblebee or something. I have had issues with ACPI with earlier versions Ubuntu on previous machines causing all sorts of power drain problems.

    Sound works 100%. headphones are fine.

    Video works fine. I had no issues with screen resolution which I have experienced in earlier versions on different systems. I am not familiar with this dual video concept so I am not sure if I am running the Nvidia gpu or just the onboard Intel graphics.

    I even chose to encrypt my home directory in the Ubuntu installation menu. That works flawless.

    Overall I am impressed with Oneiric and the Unity desktop on this machine. I always felt Gnome was clunky. Unity works quite nicely on the smaller screen of a netbook. I actually prefer this Asus over my wife's Macbook Air although I gain a certain amount of satisfaction from using opensource.

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    Smile Re: ASUS Computers Ubuntu works well on.

    I have an Asus N61JQ notebook and it works great on:

    - 10.04 Lucid Lynx and 10.1 Maverick Meerkat;
    - 11.04 Natty Narwhal and if upgraded to 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot;
    - 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot fresh install as a graphic card driver know issue.

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    Re: ASUS Computers Ubuntu works well on.

    I've read the whole posts and no one is talking about U3 series. How can it be possible? Is a very bad laptop or something? :S

    I have an X35S ( = U31SD) and don't work properly:

    • some Fn functions (such as F1 (sleep), F2 (wifi), F9 (mousepad), the numbers...)
    • the suspend function (haven't tried on hibernate, didn't dare)
    • mic (sometimes)
    • brightness (when connected only to the battery, it changes the brightness foolishly)

    But on the contrary, I'm not having problems with the fan or the sound.
    Other non-newbie problems like the NVIDIA card not working well or ethernet I think I could'nt identify even if I tried.

    By the way, do you recommend me to try some of the solutions posted for these problems even if the laptop model is not the same? (I mean, if somebody had an Asus A series and fixed a problem, should I try the same solution?)

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    Re: ASUS Computers Ubuntu works well on.

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    Re: ASUS Computers Ubuntu works well on.

    Ubuntu 11.10 on G74SX works great.
    Tweaks done: Install suspend/resume script (link).
    Hint: Do a fresh or replacement install, do not perform an upgrade!

    When I upgraded from 11.04, it resulted in a weird installation, Irritating stuff such as:
    * Shutdown through the GUI resulted in a logout
    * active kernel 2.6.x but header files for 3.0
    * nVidia module active but not in use. It was quite a headache to get it active, but then...
    * no glx
    * no video just sound during video playback (totem and vlc)
    * only my usual user and the guest account could login through the GUI. When logging in to other accounts (old and just created), it would just bounce back to the login screen.

    So I did not want to put any more time into this and instead, to make it work I did a replacement install from USB and created new accounts instead of re-using the old users' home directories. Remember to do backups!

    Result: everything important works perfectly
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