Hello forum!

I've been playing with Ubuntu on and off for a few years now, and recently installed Kubuntu 11.04 onto a 16gb mushkin flash drive using this guide:


Anyways, after finishing installing I believe the only things that I have done is installed the programs on the following two guides:


as well as install Fluxbox and some eyecandy. Yet somehow, all of the GNOME options like Ubuntu and Ubuntu classic that come with the default installation now show up on my KDM options, and it is messing with my Fluxbox and transparency backgrounds. I could learn to fix those minor problems, but I don't get how this happened and plus I'm tight on space. Any ideas on how this happened or how I can remove it? I've already tried the following link:


And all of it came back as not installed so I have no idea how I can have it on my computer... Thanks!