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Thread: HOWTO: pam_usb login with USB memory stick

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    Re: HOWTO: pam_usb login with USB memory stick

    How about those '--verbose' outputs? I want to see if the error is in PAMUSB, PAM, or HAL. It sounds like HAL is the source of that error based on the output you have provided. In which case you would be better off in a HAL forum as that isn't something you can just reinstall because it doesn't work.

    Is there any circumstance where adding a device does work, such as when you don't have any other devices on the USB tree? It might be that some device before your thumbdrive in the USB hierarchy isn't playing nicely with HAL.

    maybe post a "#lshw" so we have an idea of what your serial buses have on them.

    EDIT: Furthur searching shows that line 257-8 of pamusb-conf is :
    halService = bus.get_object('org.freedesktop.Hal', '/org/freedesktop/Hal/Manager')

    which is indeed the valid python code for connecting to HAL. which means you have a HAL error my friend and this is the wrong place for you.
    as a last ditch effort, try "#apt-get upgrade hal" but I severely doubt that will help at all.
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    Re: HOWTO: pam_usb login with USB memory stick

    Sorry, forgot about the verbose. I was worried it might be HAL

    upgrade did download and upgrade HAL, but still the same problem. Thnx for the help anw

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    Re: HOWTO: pam_usb login with USB memory stick

    Nice how-to. I'll try it tonight

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    Re: HOWTO: pam_usb login with USB memory stick

    Quote Originally Posted by ninjak View Post
    Hi. I followed all the steps, but after the (successfull) login, NetworkManager (via gnome-keyring) ask me for my account's password. Anyone can suggest me what I have to change/use, please?
    Ditto for me. Nothing seems to be able to communicate with the gnome-keyring-service if I login with my usb key. If I login with my password everything is fine.

    I'm still pretty noobish so if someone can give me a hint as to where to start looking it would be much appreciated

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    Re: HOWTO: pam_usb login with USB memory stick

    If have the same problem.

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    Re: HOWTO: pam_usb login with USB memory stick

    Hey guys.

    The guide works perfect with 10.04, except I didn't need to make the keys (although I might have?)

    I have a really simple problem though, pamusb doesn't seem to be running before I log in, even though I added it to /etc/rc.local

    I put this line

    /usr/bin/pamusb-agent &
    and, is there any way to make it just lock the computer when the USB is pulled? as opposed to fully logging me out.

    thanks guys!

    edit 2: i got it!, if anyone is having login problems, try adding the line to /etc/pam.d/gdm-autologin

    then set your account to auto login.

    it will autologin, but if you put before it then it will look for that first! i set mine to required.

    edit: what I really mean is that I still need to type in my password to log into gnome. I can see it working, trying to find the USB because there is a pause before the password box comes up. I am only guessing that it is not running before the login because afterwards it works fine.
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    Re: HOWTO: pam_usb login with USB memory stick

    If you're still having issues with logging out and X sessions, it's related to this bug:

    The gdm sessions is crashing due to hal crashing, so it's not so much a "logout" so much as it is a crash.

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