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Thread: TS Gateway Funtionality

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    TS Gateway Funtionality

    for accessing my office computer via remote desktop I have to use the TS gateway server functionality of Windows Server 2008. Is there any Linux client software available supporting that service?

    Thanks in advance for your support!

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    Re: TS Gateway Funtionality

    I have the same "service" provided by my work: RDP access to a Terminal Services (TS) server. When on my work I can use rdesktop as a client. Unfortunately, rdesktop does not support the Gateway (through https) functionality, so from home I cannot connect when in Linux.

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    Re: TS Gateway Funtionality

    I have been banging my head against the wall for weeks trying to look for any solution to get connected to work network through a damn TS Gateway. In the end I found a solution that I'm not 'idealistically' happy with but am just bloody glad IT FINALLY WORKS.

    If you're in a similar position and can live with a small diversion from your FOSS ideals then it's 20 Euros well spent!

    Think this is fairly new...? Hope this helps some of you guys out!



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