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Thread: Applying For Ubuntu Membership via Ubuntu Forums Contributions

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    Applying For Ubuntu Membership via Ubuntu Forums Contributions

    How to Petition for Membership:

    1. Create a wiki page.
    2. Create a Launchpad page. Although not mandatory, many people use the same identity/nick on Launchpad and on the forums.
    3. Sign the Ubuntu code of conduct. This has traditionally been one of the more difficult steps. FYI: A bug has been opened on Launchpad to make the process easier.
    4. Create a thread in the Ubuntu Membership Applications section requesting a review of your application. Be sure to include a link to your wiki and launchpad pages.

    For additional information see Ubuntu Membership via Forums participation

    Sample Wiki Pages:

    You may wish to use the following wiki pages as templates for your wiki page. In your wiki page please highlight your activities on the Ubuntu Forums.


    Signing The Code of Conduct

    Forum users may wish to follow this screen cast guide on how to sign the Code of Conduct, as it can be a little tricky. We (Canonical) are working on a web interface so users can just click though, but it is not in place yet. If you require help with signing the Code of Conduct, please start a thread in this sub-forum.

    Sample Forum Post:

    I would like to apply for Ubuntu membership, my wiki page is here:


    and my Launchpad page is here:


    Thank you

    Good Luck in your application
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    Re: Applying For Ubuntu Membership via Ubuntu Forums Contributions

    Thank your for putting this guide together.
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