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Thread: Mplayer - how to "sharpen" vids like VLC?

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    Mplayer - how to "sharpen" vids like VLC?

    Hi All,

    I love using mplayer via cmd line (Ubuntu 9.10) for the keyboard shortcuts ease and etc etc. It's becoming a necessity because my old Dell Latitude laptop is rapidly losing the battle against processing power requirements of newer Ubuntu releases & higher resolution videos, etc.

    Any way to "sharpen" mplayer video quality via cmd line shortcut or config file preset(s)? I use the brightness/saturation etc keyboard shortcuts all the time, but don't know how to do a "sharpen."

    VLC gui has a way of using sharpen, in addition to the various saturation, exposure, brightness adjustment capabilities, but I greatly prefer using mplayer via cmd line if possible. Also mplayer gamma? VLC also has gamma adjustments, although I don't know much how to use it or optimal settings right now.

    Although I've done a bunch of reading here and there I still don't have a sound understanding of what I'm doing.

    Help - Pointers?


    - Dmitri

    ("I'm a Forum Newbie - Open Abuse Expected!")

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    Re: Mplayer - how to "sharpen" vids like VLC?

    There is a filter
    -vf unsharpen with amount =1

    Sorry don't get/understand the syntax from the docs.

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    Re: Mplayer - how to "sharpen" vids like VLC?

    I'll have some time next week to read up more and try to learn some more basics. Trying to learn photo-editing also and still wrestling with the sharp/unsharp/maybe-sharp stuff.


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