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Thread: Upgrading Firefox in Dapper

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    Upgrading Firefox in Dapper

    Just got back into Ubuntu and I have an older machine running Dapper. I really don't wish to update the entire OS, as it is an older machine that I use primarily for web surfing. I'm not an "Absolute Beginner", but I am some what of a novice, and any direction would be approciated. I'm running Firefox version (...ehem) I would check the threads, but the old firefox is making browsing pretty difficult.



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    Re: Upgrading Firefox in Dapper

    Personally, I would not try. There may be too many incompatibilities between the old system and the new browser.

    In your place, I would back up any data, and create a fresh installation. Use Lubuntu for an old computer, as it is lightweight and fast.
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