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Thread: Microsoft Wireless Keyboard stops responding

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    Unhappy Microsoft Wireless Keyboard stops responding

    I have a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 v2 and Microsoft Explorer Mouse Model 1362.

    The biggest issue I have right now is with the keyboard. The keyboard will start cutting out and not responding to keys. As soon as the cpu load drops then all is well. I have a PS2 keyboard that I keep plugged in just in case the load stays high and I need to type something.

    The mouse and the keyboard have seperate usb dongles, and when the keyboard is having issues the mouse is still working great. This tells me that either the USB radio for the keyboard gets turned off, or that something on my machine is weird.

    Has anyone else seen this issue. Here are my system specs if it helps. I have seen the EXACT same behaviour on 32bit and 64bit linux distros.

    CPU: AMD X3 720 oc'ed to 3.22GHZ
    MOBO: Biostar
    RAM: 8GB
    Video: HIS ATI 4890 (using FGLRX)
    HD: Samsung 1TB 7200RPM drive
    OS: Ubuntu 10.10 (tested also with Fedora 14, OpenSUSE 11.3)

    Note: it happens with very little load and high load. Of course high load it happens all the time.
    System76 Galapgo Pro i7 4750 w/irs 5200 graphics, 16GB ram, 240GB Intel 530 SSD, 120GB Crucial M500 mSATA SSD running Mint 17

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    Re: Microsoft Wireless Keyboard stops responding

    Did you get a fix for this...? I have exactly the same keyboard and problem...

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